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Darius Buikus,
UI/UX designer.
Darius Buikus,
UI/UX designer.
About me
Who am I?
I am freelance digital product designer from Kaunas, Lithuania.

What do I do?
I work on web development, creation of web and app design, saas, intranet systems and e-commerce softwares. I also carry out analysis, create user flow, prototypes, their design and cooperate with programmers until the final stage of the project.

What is my background?
My background is covered with scientific education in IT and multimedia. I also have the knowledge of programming as well as frontend-backend.

How deep is my experience?
I have experience working with specialists from different fields, sounderstanding the essence of the developing product and clear-cut communicationare my everyday responsibilities. I work closely with marketingists, online strategists, seo specialists, technical engineers, programmers.

I was able to use my skills creating and developing branding for well known brands from Lithuania and abroad (KG Group, Acme, Ravak, Kidy Tour, Sterntaler etc.). This experience has led me to understand the business in general and how can web design become a key element that provides value.

I continuously work with startups projects helping them fulfill their ideas. This pushes me forward too, because I am able to learn new things each day.

What project do I work on?
I am to work on large scale projects that require creation of design and prototypes, wider analysis and solutions to more complex situations.

How do I work?
My work background is colored with corporate employment accompanied with part-time freelancing. Studio work gave me quite a deep understanding of project implementation as well. Therefore I feel no discomfort to maintain the quality of my work by working remotely.
My focus
Product Design Vision
Conceptual UI / UX
Information Architecture
INTERFACE  User Flow Mapping
Wireframing and Prototyping
UI Kits and Pattern Libraries
Visual Design
Ravak, Kidy Tour, Acme, Sterntaler, Kauno Grudai/KG Group, Admen, Eoltas, GetShopIn, EMP Recycling, Tablein, Sesoma, Endoca, Caritas.
My guns
Sketch, Photoshop, Axure, Invision, Zeplin, Toggle, Hotjar, Google analytics, Webflow.
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